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We welcome you, Bienvenidos Amigos, and hope that 
you will enjoy yourself." Our new web site offers 
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With your permission, we suggest the special dinners. Not for the price, but because it is 
convenient - some of everything. Not all Mexican food is hot. All of our dishes are 
meticulously prepared with an authentic, yet mild, flavor. For those who like it hot, we put 
a dish of hot sauce on the table. Let us introduce you to real Mexican food.
Thank you for coming to Casa Grande! Come again!



Jessie K.

I've been here twice so far and it's always delicious. Service is on point as well. The 'Mixed Salad' is pictured, but I couldn't find it on the menu. But if your a salad lover, like me, then Get It!! It was so fresh! It had chicken steak AND shrimp! And I think it was only like


Tony A.

Casa Grande. G*d damn it. What the fu** is up with these places on Midlo Turnpike? Enough with the bull$#!+, please stop cutting corners.  What in the heck sort of cheese did you use for that quesadilla? It was horrible. We sent it back to get reheated and it still came back with the cheese unmelted.You get high marks for the wow factor of my fish tacos, but LA RAZA, come on! You can't let those white boys down at En Su Boca bang out a better fish taco than you? Or maybe you can? We dined here on May 25th and our experience was muddled.The service was fantastic, and the food "looked" good but the flavors were simply not there. Also the Spanish rice was a HOT MESS. It had chunks of potatoes and carrot and peas and basically we call that FILLER. Much like Tres Machos this is another strike out for a Mexican restaurant on Midlo Turnpike. I'm being nice with this review since I love my people. My fellow Mexican Americans are letting me down. Show some pride please.


Maddie K.

I was a little skeptical after reading recent reviews but my husband really wanted to go as he hadn't been in years. We stopped by on a Saturday evening and were immediately sat. Our server was super friendly and silly, cracking jokes! We split a jumbo margarita, which was WAY over priced ( and I couldn't even taste the tequila).  However everything else was delicious and a good value. We both had burritos which were massive! We had a off coupon that came from ValPak. They apparently also have different nights according to other reviews but I didn't see any advertisements for this posted in the restaurant.


Dan H.

Ever since I moved to Richmond from Fredericksburg in 2010 I have been searching for a Mexican restaurant nearby that gets it just right for me. I have been to almost all of them within a few miles radius. Among my favorites are La Milpa on Hull Street Road, El Paso near the Kroger on Hull Street Road and now Casa Grande on Midlothian Turnpike.I am a fan of combinations - burritos, tamales, enchiladas and refried beans - simple fare. I enjoy the occasional specialty burrito or quesadilla when I feel more adventurous.Casa Grande is a big restaurant with friendly staff and has consistently managed to hit the sweet spot when it comes to passing my "test" menu items. If I like their combo burritos and enchiladas then I will come back.I have only minor quibbles - potatoes in the rice (too much starch) and the booth seating has movable seats (yes, it is convenient, but not if you are on the receiving end of an unusually large customer literally shoving his seat back to jolt you into your table and cause you to utter words you usually reserve to the privacy of your car). I like booth seating but would prefer ones that had adequate room without having to rearrange the furniture. Anyway, I digress.Bottom line - this is a great casual dining spot for those who prize the basics of Mexican (American) cuisine. Highly recommended.


Danielle T.

Solid food and good customer service. Every time I have been here, the customer service has been excellent! It really doesn't hurt that they serve up a good margarita, and offer up some pretty yummy menu items. The staff here is wonderful. Every single member I have encountered has been nothing short of amazing. I want to give special note to the server we had on our last visit. He was patient, attentive, and went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met, and that everything was seamless. I also want to thank management for checking in on us after our meals, at every visit. It is a really nice gesture.


Ken R.

This place has changed over the years and not in the good way.  Staff Arne always rude, last visit, waited almost 15 minutes to have drink order taken and to get caso.  Convenience is why I still go here!  Restrooms continue to be dirty, drink specials tailored to special hours and days.   Servings reduced to smaller servings.


Chris G.

Ordered food to go. I was disappointed to see that my shrimp chimichanga was very soggy and beans were watered down. Figured I would at least eat the shrimp inside. Opened it up to find only a thin layer of beans???? This meal ended up in the trash.


Justin M.

Well on the surface it should be just as good. They have remodeled and repainted the restaurant. They even seem to make it fresh as opposed to before when it seemed like it was made that day and heated up in the oven (most Mexican restaurants do this, hence the fact it always comes out so fast with a plate hotter than lava). The problem, hence the 3 star downgrade, is the food (while prepared well) is some of the most bland food I have had in a long time. When I say NO seasoning, I mean NO SEASONING. I had the shrimp fajitas, and it had absolutely zero flavor.  Also the onions and peppers were almost mushy. My wife had a taco salad with similar seasoning issues. She said it was ok, but only that. Chips and salsa are still decent, but not as great as before, but I won't hold that against them as salsa in these places can vary from day to day.On the plus, its still good value for the price, but with food that bland, I'm not so sure I will be coming back anytime soon. If you check my reviews, there is A MUCH better Mexican restaurant right down the street anyway.


Patty H.

We love the food and great service here.  The prices are reasonable and the margaritas are excellent.


Barbara H.

Just ate there and do not understand how they have even 3.5 stars. Curt, uninterested server, mediocre, bland, refried beans and something brown  running all over my plate. Larry, what were you thinking? Why is it so crowded? Never again!


Sarah H.

This was a horrible experience. My husbands rice and beans were ICE cold, my daughters chicken tenders WERE STILL RAW. My fajitas were awful and my stomach is already churning and I've only been gone 10 mins. And the service was slow we only saw our waiter maybe 2 times. Management just took my daughters chicken and recooked it. I was very disappointed that not a single person asked to either take it off the check or even asked how anything was. When I mentioned the food was ice cold the waiter just oh I'm sorry have a nice day. This place used to be amazing and now I will never go back again. I suggest going elsewhere as there are plenty of places within 2 miles that will have better customer service and food.


Alex T.

I have visited this location a few times, but I have to give a review after visiting last night for Cinco de Mayo and leaving very very impressed with this place!This location is always super busy, anytime I have ever gone for lunch/dinner or driven by the parking lot is full. This past experience was no exception, I expected full chaos since it was a holiday but overall our experience was enjoyable.We put our name on the list and headed to the bar to grab margaritas and wait, they handed us a pager so we were able to go outside and sit in the patio, although it was cold and rainy it was nice to sit outside and wait for to be seated instead of inside where we constantly felt like we were in the way. Just as we were finishing our margs, the beeper buzzed and we were seated immediately. Our service was faster than usual, but in a matter of seconds we had chips, salsa and a white (ranchy) sauce on the table and our waiter appeared to take our drinks.I usually always get a combo meal but I decided to try something different, I got the Burrito Mexicano which was stuffed full of tender beef strips, rice and came topped with guacamole, lettuce, and sour cream. I couldn't finish my plate because there was so much food (and I ALWAYS over do it on the chips) but it was very delicious. My boyfriend got the smothered taquitos that were covered in a green sauce that we couldn't quite place the taste but it was very very yummy - he is the smarter of the two of us and was able to finish his plate since he didn't load up on chips and salsa! Our bill was very very very reasonable for two dinners that left us stuffed, a margarita and a beer - I am sure the alcohol was on sale because of the holiday but it just ensures that we will be back again!Thank you Casa for being open and putting up with the whack jobs that come out on Cinco de Mayo cause your restaurant was full of them!!! We will be back whenever I get my tequilla craving :)


Lisa G.

Stopped by on a Friday night around 7 p.m. Slammed with a short line out the door. We waited about 10 minutes for a table. Our server was attentive and the food (arroz con camaron), which was decent, came out in a good amount of time. The frozen top shelf margarita was on point.It wasn't a memorable experience that would make me want to come back, but it certainly wasn't awful. People seem to like it.


Meredith B.

I remember my first visit to this location, a few owners ago, and wow is there a difference. Now the spot [once kinda terrible] is a go-to for friends and family. Last night [ALAS] our favorite guacamole-maker was not working, but we soldiered on, fortified with margaritas [not exactly stunning, but crazily cheap] and fresh-made [still toasty!] bottomless chips and salsa. Fajitas are consistently excellent, the black beans are notably tasty, and if some staple dishes aren't super exciting [how exciting can you make a standard burrito?] the Molcajete is a giant, sizzling stone bowl of meaty amazing. I'll have leftovers for days. [I'm lying, I already ate half the leftovers at about two am, don't judge me].


Jae W.

Our waiter Leo was a lot of fun, he kept the drinks coming and was very friendly. I ordered the tacos supreme and enjoyed every bite. The restaurant was a busy but the quality of everything was still really good.


Lisa B.

Excellent Margaritas, good food and good prices.  The service is always prompt and friendly.  No reservations needed.  The margaritas are the best.


Jim B.

For my family of 6, this is our go-to for weekly (yep, weekly) Mexican food for over 7 years now.  Our eldest is turning 7 in a few weeks and the Casa Grande staff have been part of her life since a week after she was born (same with kiddos 2, 3, and 4). The general manager is super busy, and super friendly in the midst of all his business.  The waitstaff varies in speed/effectiveness, but all but one or two have been quite endearing and treat our kids like guests in their own home.  Even those other 2 weren't rude, just matter-of-fact and to the business of serving us food (which is what we came there for anyway).The male and female servers equally play with and gush over our kids.  The food is good. Our favorites are the carnitas, mole, and the dollar menu items which make our weekly visits possible (and still very good - in fact, it's the tacos and enchiladas we all crave).  The regular, table-side guacamole maven is so sweet.The staff is never put out by the noise or mess of our traveling pre-school (it's getting better now that that one is turning 7 and the other nearing 5, but Casa Grande has braved through those early years like a champ).If people don't sue them out of business for confusion over the value of coupons, we hope to continue returning to this place for years to come, and maybe bring some grandchildren to "our" Midlothian Mexican food spot.


Rafa Z.

This is probably the worst "Real" Mexican food I've ever ate. The website says our food is "meticulously prepared with an authentic, yet mild...", there is nothing authentic, the food has no flavor and the worst drinks ever. I can't give no stars so I give them only one.


Ashley W.

We have been to this location a few times. We went tonight with a gift certificate from Christmas and had a great experience. Our server was very nice and attentive. We did table side guacamole and it was so delicious. Everything we ordered was great. The kids enjoyed themselves as well. We will be coming in here for dinner/ lunch again.


Fiorella J.

This is always a great go to option for Mexican food. They are usually pretty busy but I never have to wait too long to be seated or for my food. This is one of my and my business partners favorite places to go when we have working dinners! Keep up the good work.


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