Chinese restaurant Kung Fu - Madrid

I have a new favorite Chinese restaurant, well, the truth is that I have many favorites. But this is really special. It's called Kung Fu, and its decoration revolves around Bruce Lee. It's great.

It's a good Chinese, where Chinese people go to eat and where they serve fun dishes like frog legs. That's a good sign, you know.

The place is cozy. It does not have so many tables so you can easily get there and have to wait. So if you want to go to dinner, I recommend you book.

They have a quite varied menu whose prices are more than good. In fact, in principle you can give the impression of being in a place that is not as cheap as the other "Chinese for Chinese" but then you see that it is not. Just as there is everything, you can eat for little money but there are also some dishes that are worth a little more, but, but, they are worth it 🙂

About the food I talk to you next.

What to eat in the Kung Fu restaurant

Here are two things you have to try out: the Yu Xiang eggplants (slightly spicy) and the sauteed black rice, which is made with wild rice, vegetables and some meat.

There is also variety of dishes with tofu, fresh vegetables of the day sautéed, soups, funny dumplings, meats, and many spicy dishes.


From done, if you're not spicy friend ask the waiters first, some dishes are really strong is.

If you're bored and you like rice three delights and other non-Chinese things, then they also have them on the menu, but come on, do not be boring 😛

Now that I think, the tofu is sooooo good, ask for it!

Location and times:

The Kung Fu restaurant is in Malasaña, on Calle Luna 12, near the Callao metro.

It is open every day from the 12:00 until 16:30 and then from 19:00 to midnight.