Homemade cod croquettes step by step

The best croquettes are those of cod. This should not have any kind of discussion at this point. They are the tastiest of all and probably the most tested of our grandmothers or mothers. Also, they are not as complicated to do as we think. Anyway, here I am going to teach you how to make cod croquettes step by step.

How to make cod croquettes

To make this recipe you will need previously desalted cod and preferably crumbled.

Ideally, buy the salted cod of a lifetime and put it in water from the night before to remove the salt. You can read the whole process here: how to desalinate cod.

You will also need to prepare a simple béchamel sauce, but that is explained in the same recipe.

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Recipe for cod croquettes

Here you have the step by step preparation of some delicious homemade cod croquettes, in the style of the grandmothers.To fry them, it is not necessary to thaw them. They are made in very hot oil.

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