Easy stuffed squid recipes

Why squid stuffed? Well, because among all varieties of seafood, squid are among the best to cook. Not only can they be made grilled or in sauce, for example, but they can also be filled in many creative ways.

In this post we will learn some ways to prepare them.

How to make stuffed squid

For these recipes, it is best to get large squid. The idea is to be able to fill them copiously. If we can find squid that approaches 150 grams per piece, we will have the ideal ingredients.

You will also need our recipe for fumet or fish broth 😉

 stuffed squid

squid stuffed
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Squid stuffed with ham and eggs

With this cooking recipe, you can prepare squid stuffed with ham and eggs, in addition to bathed in a sauce with white wine. It is a dish to feed the whole family very well.We will leave the onion peeled and cut into cubes, the garlic peeled and crushed, and the pepper washed and chopped into cubes. In the latter case, we will remove the white part internal to the pulp, the seeds and the rest of the branch.
  • On the other hand, we will cook the eggs in hot water, between 10 and 11 minutes. We will need the hard boiled eggs for the filling of the recipe.
  • In the case of tomatoes, you have to wash them well and cut them into irregular pieces, to later cook them (not yet).
  • We will reserve the vegetables, at the moment, to take care of the rest of the ingredients.
  • Now we are going to chop the diced ham, and we will also reserve it.
  • Then we will make sure that the squids are clean, and we will remove the tentacles and other prominences, with a sharp knife. We will chop the removed parts into small pieces, because with this recipe, nothing will be lost.
  • Starting from the principle that cooked eggs will be ready, we will remove the peels and cut them into cubes. We will also reserve them.
  • Now let's take care of the sauce. For this, we are going to sauté half of the onion and garlic, with a jet of oil. Let them brown for 3 minutes, with the fire between medium and low. The idea is that the onion begins to become a little transparent.
  • Then we will add the cut pepper and the pieces of tomato. Let them cook for about 8 minutes, and then pour the wine and the broth. Let the mixture cook for 10 minutes.
  • When finished cooking, we will pass this sauce to the blender, or to a food processor. Before turning it on, let's season our sauce with a pinch of salt, one pepper, another paprika, one more laurel powder, and finally, a touch of spicy powder.
  • Blend the sauce until you get a uniform mixture, which we will try to make sure it has the right seasoning. If that is not the case, we will correct it with more spices, to taste. At the moment, we will reserve this sauce.
  • The following will heat a large skillet with a good jet of oil. There we are going to cook half the garlic and the pieces of the other half of the onion. After five minutes, we will incorporate the tentacle and squid fin pieces, which we had chopped before. Next, add the pieces of parsley or cilantro, shrimp and serrano ham.
  • We will sauté the filling for a couple of minutes, and add the cubes of boiled egg. We must make sure to constantly stir the mixture, so that it does not burn, and to keep the fire between medium and low. Add the bread crumbs and salt and pepper to taste, before finishing the cooking.Let's help us with some wooden sticks, so we can close them at the end.
  • Then, brown the squid in oil for a few minutes, on both sides, to increase the intensity of its flavor. We will do this before cooking them in the room.
  • To continue, we will heat the sauce new, in your pot or pan. There we will arrange the stuffed squid there, to cook them between 25 and 30 minutes.
  • That that's it. After that time, the stuffed squid will be ready.
  • Squids are very adaptable seafood, They can also be filled in other ways, according to the preferences of each chef. Therefore, here we will review some versions of this recipe, so you can make adaptations according to what you like, but always starting from our basic preparation.

    • Squid stuffed with prawns

    Use the same recipe we have proposed, but instead of ham, include previously cooked prawns in your list of ingredients. I prefer to increase the amount of prawns, from 100 grams to 150, since these seafood have a smoother flavor than ham. Normally, you will also have to season the filling a bit more.

    • Squid stuffed with prawns and vegetables

    Use the same principle previous, but it eliminates the eggs from the recipe. Instead, increase the amount of prawns to 250 grams.

    • Squids stuffed with sobrasada

    This combination is an explosion flavor. Replace the ham from the basic recipe, for the same amount of sobrasada, and add a handful of sliced ​​almonds to the cooking. In this case, you can also remove the eggs from the recipe, but if you decide to do so, add one more onion to the filling.

    • Squid stuffed with pine nuts

    Use only one egg for the basic recipe. Instead, add a bunch of pine nuts to your ingredient list.

    • Squid stuffed in its ink

    Yes You have got calamari that come with your ink, you can incorporate it into the cooking of the sauce. In that case, you can save the list of spices proposed to season the sauce, and limit yourself to salt and pepper.

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