Japanese restaurant Ikigai - Madrid

Of the many laps that I usually give for Madrid in search of Asian food, the truth is that I have rarely dedicated them to one of my favorite pleasures: sushi.

Maybe it's because of fear. Fear that the quality is not the best (it has happened to me), that the prices are absurdly expensive, and the quality remains without being the best (it has also happened to me) or that unforgivable mistakes are made like the soy sauce that serve be Chinese cuisine and not sushi (it has happened to me and I hate it).

Japanese restaurants with medium or medium/low quality sushi are left in Madrid. This is what happens when chefs do not master the art of making sushi and when diners, because they do not know, believe that what they are eating is correct.

Luckily, in the city there are places where quality of Japanese food fits the expectation of educated palates, where the attention is first and where, in conclusion, you are going to eat really well.

This happens in the Ikigai restaurant , right in the center of Madrid.

Its chef, Yong Wu Nagahira, has devoted part of his culinary career to master the art of preparing sushi. Its ability, added to its creativity, has resulted in a palette of original flavors that diners can taste in the restaurant.

It should also be noted the prices of the restaurant, quite well, especially taking into account the quality of your dishes.

sushi restaurant ikigai madrid

What to eat in the Ikigai restaurant

What happens with Japanese restaurants like Ikigai is that it is very difficult to recommend dishes, especially if it is sushi, they are all delicious! You have to try them all! But hey, let's try to recommend.

The protagonists of this restaurant are the fused nigiris. Chef Yong Wu Nagahira has done a good job of uniting flavors to achieve incredible mixtures for the palate.

nigiri ikigai

So then, you can enjoy for example the scallop nigiri with foie which also has eel sauce and spun egg.

The gunkan of salmon with quail egg or nigiri of butter fish with truffle.

The options combined are varied and delicious.

Of course you can go for the traditional nigiris: salmon, tuna, sea bass, shrimp, etc.

In the case of makis there is a lot of creativity. Without going too far the Ebi Torpedo, with crispy tiger prawns and kimuchi sauce can make you delirious.

maki ikigai

There are makis of tuna, salmon, eel, butter fish and crab. All created in an original way by the talented chef.

If you want more fusion, there are tatakis, ceviches and tiraditos.

Finally, although in reality you should say "to start", the Entrees and tempuras are to hallucinate. My favorite, the oyster tempura with ponzu, kimuchi sauce, shichimi and chives.

ikigai tempos İstanbul

Desserts? Of course! The green tea ice cream is never missing.

desserts rest ikigai

You have no idea what to ask? You can go for the tasting menu that includes 7 different dishes including a varied sushi selection from the chef.

Still in doubt? See the letter yourself.

Japanese restaurant ikigai


Arriving at the Ikigai restaurant is very easy, it is on Flor Baja 5 street, very close to Plaza de España and Santo Domingo metro stations, right in the center of Madrid.

The hours are from 13: 30-16: 00, 20: 00-23: 30