Vietnamese restaurant Le Petit Hanoi in Madrid

In Madrid there are some Vietnamese food options that are worth visiting. One of them is the restaurant Le Petit Hanoi . A small place, with 6 or 7 tables, without any decoration where what matters is the food.

It is located in the Malasaña neighborhood, very central, and the prices are quite good for what one would expect from the area.

For 30 euros they eat 2 people including entrance, main and something to drink.

The menu is simple, without a lot of variety of dishes. 3 appetizers based on rolls, some noodle soup dishes, others noodles with funny things and only one with rice. In addition to dessert and the respective drinks.

If you are interested in authentic, homemade Asian food, without pretensions or desire to posture, then this place will like it.

Vietnamese restaurant le petit hanoi

What to eat in Le Petit Hanoi

Like the menu is small you will choose more easily what you are going to eat.

Go through some of the entries, which are fried spring rolls filled with meat or vegetarian. They are served with lettuce leaf, herbs and a sauce to dip them in.

Then go for a main that may well be one of the famous soups phò noodles or a plate of rice noodles, either with meat or vegetarian with tofu.

There is also a plate with rice, which is the one in the photo. It's called Com thit kho trung, it's marinated pork and quail eggs roasted in sauce, with jasmine rice.

For dessert: tapioca pearls with banana and coconut milk.

menu le petit hanoi


The restaurant Le Petit Hanoi It is located on Calle Velarde 8, very close to the Tribunal subway station (Line 1).

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